Frequently asked questions

While I work with many types of students, my best work is done when my speciality overlaps with my clients’ needs.

I specialise exclusively in helping professionals improve their English for work and life and to achieve an advanced level. My classes are highly specialised and focus on either work-related problems and situations, or focus on achieving an advanced level of English.

I do not teach children. I also do not work with people who just want to have basic conversation classes. If you want to have everyday conversation classes, contact me and I can recommend you some good teachers.

100% job focused communication.

Yes, you will definitely learn English because you will speak English from the first moment on. Together, you and I, will build a study plan which will help us stay focused. Each class will be personalised to you and to your needs. You will be speaking all the time. However, it’s not just a simple speaking class! We will focus on specific topics and situations that you have to deal with at work.

I will help you:

  • express your opinion
  • speak fluently
  • take part in discussions and meetings
  • communicate clearly
  • prepare for a job interview
  • explain things to others clearly

Well, there’s no way round it. If you want to be both fluent and correct in English (or any foreign language), you have to learn words AND grammar AND communication skills for various situations.

This is how the classes are structured to achieve the most benefits and rapid learning:

  1. At home, before class: You will do some homework, you will work with vocabulary, grammar and videos.
  2. In class: We will discuss the homework and practice what you learnt.
  3. In most cases, the grammar is built into the conversation and into the activities. Most people learn grammar very effectively this way. However, some people also need to do grammar exercises, either for homework or at home. It depends on your learning style.

If you can read this website, then I am confident that you already know a lot of things in English. My main job will be to activate your English speaking abilities. If you have had English classes for several years, then it means that you have a lot of passive knowledge and information built up in your head. I will give you specific tasks to activate this information inside you. As a result, you will much more confident just after 4 or 5 lessons!

Hmmm, great questions!

I know people who learnt English in just a year from zero to advanced level. And I also know people who have been learning for 20 or 30 years and still cannot speak fluently.

So, why is that?

The truth is, you do not need special language learning skills! You need commitment and you need to do the homework and memorise the words and sentences and, after that, you need to practice with a teacher.

If you don’t try to commit the words to memory, how will you remember them when you need them? This is something that no teacher can do for you, no matter how devoted he or she is to your development.

If you don’t practice speaking, how will you become fluent? A good teacher can help you practice specific situations so you always know what to say and how to say it the right way, at the right time.

What do the experts say?

Researchers believe that we need around 120 hours of study (homework and classroom practice) to improve one level. in other words, if you take two 2-hour classes with a teacher and you study at home, read articles, watch TV, etc for 3 hours a week (that is, 5 hours a week altogether), you will need about 24 weeks, or 6 months to take your English to the next level. Can you invest 5 hours a week for 6 months?

Interestingly, if you only take two 1-hour classes with a teacher and you don’t do any studying in your free time, you will not improve one level in 60 weeks! Why? Because you will most likely forget most of the things you did in class so in the next class, you will have to repeat again.

Ok, that is fine. I completely understand that. Life is busy and we don’t always have time to do what we want.

However, in this case, you have to understand that it will take much longer than 6 months to become fluent and confident in English.

One 60-minute lesson costs € 30.

One 90-minute lesson costs € 45.

I offer discounts if you buy 5, 10, or 15 lessons. See prices here.

There are different ways to pay through my secure website payment system.

You can use your Paypal account or you can use your bank card, for example Visa or MasterCard, directly.

Of course! I will be sad to see you leave the classes but, of course, you can get a refund in accordance to our Terms and Conditions.

2.1 When you make a booking, you must pay the full fee for the class. This is only refundable if you are dissatisfied with the course and contact us in writing at within two weeks of starting your class. You must not have done more than two classes in order to receive a refund. In special circumstances, it might be possible to cancel all your classes after you start studying.

2.2 All refunds are made to the original fee payer.

2.3 If Professional English Center cancels a course or lesson after a student’s enrolment, Professional English Center will refund all monies already paid.

For full details, go to Terms and Conditions.

I know that today’s work schedules are sometimes unpredictable. Unexpected meetings can happen, or sometimes you will have to work overtime. In that case, yes, you can cancel or reschedule your class in accordance with our Terms and Conditions,

3.1 If you are ill or you are unable to attend your lesson due to another difficulty, please contact or Whatsapp: +34603117600 as soon as possible. You must give us 24 hours ahead of time if you want to change a scheduled lesson. If you cancel a lesson on the same day and/or less than 24 hours you will lose the credit for your lesson.

3. 2 In exceptional circumstances, and always at the discretion of your Teacher, we might be able to re-schedule your class without you losing the credit for your lesson.

For full details, go to Terms and Conditions.

Note: If you regularly reschedule or cancel your class more than 2 times in a month, the lessons will be terminated and the time will be freed up for students who need it more. Any remaining lessons already paid will be refunded.

Absolutely! I am a registered freelance teacher and I will provide a official invoice for every class/lesson purchased.