Terms and Conditions of Lessons

In booking an online course with us, you accept the following Terms of Booking:

1. General Conditions

1.1 A class/lesson is defined as a period of time in a single class type as described in our current brochure.

1.2 A course is defined as a set of online lessons provided by Professional English Center on a single course type as described in our current brochure – for example, Business Writing Course or Business Presentations.

1.2 A booking can consist of either a single class or a series of classes.

1.3 Classes are either 60-minute long or 90-minute long, except for the first class which is a 30-minute class designed to evaluate and assess your level of English and your learning needs.

1.4 Your class will start on the day that you specified in your booking. Class bookings can be done through our online booking system (https://profenglish.eu/book-a-lesson/) and are subject to teacher availability. All lessons must be paid in full and in advance.

1.5 If you purchase another lesson, you must pay the full amount at the time of booking, less any repeat booking discount advertised.

2. Refunds

2.1 When you make a booking, you must pay the full fee for the class. This is only refundable if you are dissatisfied with the course and contact us in writing at andreavarga@profenglish.center within two weeks of starting your class. You must not have done more than two classes in order to receive a refund. In special circumstances, it might be possible to cancel all your classes after you start studying.

2.2 All refunds are made to the original fee payer.

2.3 If Professional English Center cancels a course or lesson after a student’s enrolment, Professional English Center will refund all monies already paid.

3. Cancellations

3.1 If you are ill or you are unable to attend your lesson due to another difficulty, please contact andreavarga@profenglish.center or Whatsapp: +34603117600 as soon as possible. You must give us 24 hours ahead of time if you want to change a scheduled lesson. If you cancel a lesson on the same day and/or less than 24 hours you will lose the credit for your lesson.

3. 2 In exceptional circumstances, and always at the discretion of your Teacher, we might be able to re-schedule your class without you losing the credit for your lesson.

4. Postponing

4.1 If you want to postpone a course, you must do so in writing. Please, contact andreavarga@profenglish.center as soon as possible. If you postpone a booking, we will give you your credits towards classes at a later date.

4.2 You must take the postponed course within 3 months of the original starting date. A postponed booking cannot be postponed again or cancelled. 

5. Arriving Late for a Lesson

5.1 If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for a lesson, this time will be deducted from the total duration of the lesson.  For example, if you have a 60-minute lesson and you arrive 15 minutes late, then your lesson will be 45 minutes long. The Teacher will wait a maximum of 20 minutes for you to arrive before going offline and it will be a missed lesson for you with no refund.

5.2 If you are experiencing delays due to work commitment or any other unforeseeable circumstances, it is your responsibility to notify your Teacher as soon as possible before the class.

6. Technical Problems

It is your responsibility to check that you have sorted out any technical difficulties relating to microphones, video, and internet connection, etc. before starting the lesson. If, however, you experience technical difficulties resulting from weather conditions or other circumstances that are beyond your control, please contact andreavarga@profenglish.center or Whatsapp: +34603117600 to rearrange the lesson for another time.

7. Time Period

Your lessons will expire after a certain number of days of purchasing them depending on the lesson pack you have purchased:

Lesson type:Expiry
1 single lesson:expires after 2 weeks
5-lesson pack:expires after 7 weeks
10-lesson pack:expires after 13 weeks

It is your responsibility to make sure that you use your purchased lessons are within the time frame specified above.

8. Your level of English

8.1 It is your responsibility to check the level of English you need for the online course you wish to take. We strongly recommend that you complete our free online English test. If you are uncertain about your level, please contact the school at info@profenglish.center, we will be happy to advise you.

8.2 If you are only taking Sype classes, the Teacher will adjust the level of the lessons to suit your needs.

If a situation arises that has not been covered by these Terms, we reserve the right to take any fair and reasonable action that we think appropriate.