Don’t say: All Days

Last updated on November 26th, 2023 at 10:54 am

Why you shouldn’t say all days?

The phrase all days is incorrect because it is redundant. The word all already means all days. To say all days is to say all all days, which is grammatically incorrect.

So what should you say?

The word all has two meanings. On the one hand, we can use it in the meaning of every one of something or the complete number of something. On the other hand, it can mean the whole, .

In the meaning of every one of something, we can say:

  • All my cats are female.
  • All my friends live abroad.

However, we don’t say all days and all people. Instead, we say every day and everyone.

For example:

  • Next week I will be travelling every day.
  • Everyone likes good music.


In the meaning of whole or entire, we can say:

  • She has worked hard all her life.
  • I am available all day.

Although the phrase “all days” is incorrect but we  can say all day long if we want to say the entire day from morning to evening. Or, alternatively, we can say all days of the week.